What is a habit forming User Experience?

Use often.

You have probably heard that if you do something regularly for 21 days, you have a habit.  This is true in many ways.  An Instagram user prefers to check his feed several times a day.   Lets dive into this habit

What makes this user check his feed so many times?  

"Notifications, curiosity, boredom."

This is called the trigger.  The reason someone does a specific action.  In the case of WhatsApp, the red number of messages on the green icon tells you to go check out any new messages.  And while you’re there, you want to check a few updated pictures from your friend’s.  This makes you leave a message.  You just communicated!  Without even realizing.

This is the success of an app’s UX.   Think about your apps trigger points.  When is your customer really interested?   If you had a travel review app,  this would probably be an update to you whenever someone left a comment on your review.  As a user, you have the itch to respond.  

Test first.  Use habit testing to find out how your product will be used.  

If you are a software engineer, chances are that your professor told you to test first, code next.  While this is difficult in a world where a baseline product needs to be available, there are several ways you can theoretically validate a few aspects of human behavior.

1. Test on yourself.  If you’re like me, you take some time to try something new.  

2. A/B testing.  There is a lot of marketing software options to validate and provide analytics for free.

Radhika Sandra