Thinking Outside The Box: CES 2017

At the core of innovation in consumer technologies lies CES.   Upwards of 150,000 attendees and 3500 exhibitors, this event was alive in nearly 8 venues in Las Vegas.   It is a herculean effort to summarize this event.   From large companies until startups, the common factor was excitement.

Here is a short summary of what we think was outside the box at CES 2017.

Make any screen a touch screen


CES 2017


Sony has raised the bar with a concept that makes any surface a touch screen.   Imagine a box shaped device that you place on a table and it projects an image of your screen.  And from that point on, you start interacting with the table!  The touch screen capture was so good up until a fine color picker that was connected to a multi-color light bulb.  This is a concept Sony wants to see whether to take it to market.


A handbag that charges your phone


CES 2017


Finish a call, drop your phone into your handbag and your phone is charging.  As simple as that.


A super fast electric vehicle


CES 2017


We had a chance to see the FF91 on stage at the Consumer Electronics after reading a lot of articles.   1050bhp with a 0-60 in 2.39 seconds.  We saw a video of it beating a Tesla’s top version.   The FF91 with that much power has a hatchback, does feel slightly large.  A lot of illumination on ever door handle and a 2 seat in the back.   We think the logo is great.



We spent some time at the pioneers of 5G technology, Qualcomm.  Think Gigabit internet on your phones,  IoT faster than hardware speeds and unified standards.   Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf pointed in his keynote about the limitless opportunities of 5G and about connecting everything.  They are focused on the foundation of networking and change the way the world interacts.

CES 2017


Qualcomm Snapdragon has reached new heights and unveiled a new pro version.  Here’s a photo from Maserati’s cockpit of how Qualcomm is helping automotive reach new heights.



CES 2017


The TV industry is already at its next level with OLEDs.  LG showcased a arch shaped room filled with their 4k TVs showing 2017’s version of TV technology.   Backed with Dolby Atmos, being in the room was so immersive, that we could get dizzy.

Sony showcased their TV tile wall, where you could make up an entire wall in your house based on TV tiles.    Add enough up to a matrix and you have a TV wall.

3D printed cars


CES 2017


Divergent 3D has come up a with a 3D printed car with a laser melted metal.  The greatest advantage you can see with this type of manufacturing method is customization you can offer for consumers.

The watch that pays


CES 2017


Samsung Pay has come up with a watch (Samsung Gear S3)  that you can store your credit card info.   Just tap the watch on the Point-of-Sale, and be on your way.

A Fan based holographic display


CES 2017


Imagine an array of 8 fans placed in 2 rows and 4 columns.   They spin at a pace that is reasonably slow.   Not on a two-dimensional plane.  Slightly outside it.    And hello, comes a display out of thin air.