Facebook Messenger Lite: Connecting Users around the World

"With Messenger Lite, more people can stay in contact, regardless of network conditions or storage limitations on their Android devices," Tom Mulcahy, Engineering Manager for Messenger Lite.


And Facebook has done just that with its most recent attempt of uniting the world.

Facebook recently launched Messenger Lite, a slimmed down version of Messenger for Android. Over 1 billion people around the globe use Messenger monthly; however, the network speed and reliability vary greatly. To better serve emerging markets with slower-than-average internet speeds, Facebook developed Messenger to be quick and convenient to download, just under the size of 10MB.

Messenger Lite has all the same qualities of the bulked up version including the ability to send text, links and photos and receive stickers to anyone using Messenger or Messenger Lite. Voice calls, however, are yet to be on the list. Stan Chudnovsky, head of Facebook Messenger, stated that 300 million people use Messenger for voice calling, so while it is not available currently in the lite version; it is something that they are considering adding over time. Messenger Lite is now available in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela and soon to expand to other countries.

Messenger Lite’s aim to address and serve slower or unstable network areas goes along the path of Facebook Lite which was another initiative to make social network readily accessible to people all around the world. Facebook Lite is a speedy and slim version of Facebook, also used for older Android phones, taking up only 252KB of space on phones. It is designed to run on 2G networks and uses less data to cater to developing countries where internet is slower.

Facebook’s mission is “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

Whether it is through Internet.org, the organization behind the Free Basics app that helps provide free internet access to cellphone users in underserved countries, or these Lite apps, Facebook is taking powerful steps to reach its goal of allowing every person around the globe to have access to the web.


Karishma Shah

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