5 Tips to Make Your App More Festive

"Happy Holidays! The season of deals and discounts, turkeys and all things red and green is here… but is your app ready for it?

Santa Ipad

This time of the year triggers particular memories and emotions. Thanksgiving and Christmas typically cause people to become more joyful, warm and nostalgic. It is important your app joins along and embarks on the glee of these holidays to engage and retain customers. Use these emotions to your advantage by incorporating them in your app.

Here are 5 ways to do so:

‘Tis the season to be pushy

Use push notifications to deliver fun holiday wishes, jingles, deals and more. The notifications should have purpose and meaning while embodying the holiday spirit. Use the season of continuous shopping and gift-giving to illustrate your latest deals and updates by putting them right in front of your customers.

Take the example of PINK who embodied the spirit of Christmas by using a fun play-on as well as providing a freebie.

Roast some great new deals

Sales increase drastically the last quarter of the year and each year, that number continues to increase. Deals are crucial this time of the year and according to Mastercard SpendingPulse, consumers spent 7.9 percent more in 2015 than they did in last year’s comparable period. However, a great deal alone isn’t enough – make sure to activate push notifications and throw in some holiday spirit, as advertisement is heavy this time of the year making it difficult to compete.

Make a festive in-app experience

Theme your app according to the season. Updating your app according to the holiday or season adds an extra flair and liveness to it, making it more exciting. For example, a photo editor app can have frames specific to an upcoming holiday. Or, a game can simply change the way a character dresses by adding a Santa Claus hat or incorporating red and green colors. Engaging users this way is a great way to retain them each and every season.

Don’t be a Grinch

It’s the season of giving – so don’t be a Grinch! Unexpected surprises and gifts are always the best ones. This can simply be a daily freebie leading up to Christmas, making users wanting to open up the app daily. It’s a fun and simple way to spread holiday cheer as well as keep the users happy and engaged.

Brew up a new app altogether

Angry Birds creates new apps altogether from the original Angry Birds to Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Space. Though the concept is the same, Angry Birds uses themes to engross the users to the same game but with a few distinguishable qualities, capturing a variety of audiences. It’s brilliant!

All in all, it is important that your app updates per season or holiday. It makes the app new and fresh, adds pizzazz and engages current users as well as attract new ones. So, be prepared this holiday season by starting early! Use these five tips to better your user’s holiday experience and increase your sales. Happy Holidays!


Karishma Shah

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